West Hills, CA, is primarily a residential community located in the western San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California. While the area doesn’t have officially defined neighborhood boundaries, it consists of various smaller neighborhoods and subdivisions. Here is a list of commonly known neighborhoods within West Hills:

  1. Bell Canyon (gated community adjacent to West Hills)
  2. West Hills Estates
  3. Castle Peak Estates
  4. Stonegate
  5. Shadow Ranch
  6. Nevada West Hills
  7. Valley Circle Estates
  8. Highlander Road Estates
  9. Braemar
  10. Platt Park Estates
  11. Saddle Ridge Estates
  12. Pine Hills
  13. Oak Hills
  14. Stonegate Estates
  15. Valley Circle Boulevard
  16. Roscoe Boulevard
  17. Country Hills Estates
  18. Box Canyon

It’s important to note that neighborhood names and boundaries can vary depending on local usage, preferences, and developments over time. This list provides a general overview of commonly recognized neighborhoods in West Hills, but it might not include all smaller subdivisions or newer developments. Consulting with local residents, real estate agents, or community resources can provide more specific information and updates on the neighborhoods within West Hills, CA.